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Remediation Products Engineered for Cost-Effective, in situ Treatment of Soil & Groundwater

Which EOS Products are right for your contaminant profile?

remediation products EOS LS Tote

Chlorinated Solvents

and other Recalcitrant Compounds

EOS EVO Products for Enhanced Bioremediation

EOS PRO  •  EOS 100  •  EOS QR  •  EOS ZVI

EOx application

Non-Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

& Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Electron Acceptors for Enhanced Bioremediation

EAS®  •  EOx™

Blending CoBupH

pH Adjustment

& Metals Immobilization

Colloidal Buffer

CoBupH MG™
Bioaugmentation Cylinder


for low microbe population

Bioaugmentation Culture


For over a decade, EOS Remediation has been the leading provider of in situ remediation products that reengineer the groundwater environment transforming contaminants into non-toxic end products. We offer a complete suite of remediation products including:

  • Emulsified Vegetable Oil Substrates – EOS® (emulsified oil substrate) to bioremediate chlorinated solvents, perchlorate, energetics and metals immobilization – All of our emulsified vegetable oil products are USDA Certified BioPreferred Products
  • Colloidal Buffers – The only proven effective colloidal buffers providing safe and long-lasting pH adjustment to promote bioactivity and metals immobilization
  • Electron Acceptor Products – Provide for either aerobic and anaerobic bioremediation of non-chlorinated hydrocarbons, petroleum products and related compounds
  • Bioaugmentation Cultures – Provide enriched cultures to optimize and increase microbial activity for treatment of chlorinated solvents

All EOS Remediation products are:


Sulfate-Enhanced Bioremediation of BTEX

Sulfate-Enhanced Bioremediation This case study describes using sulfate-enhanced bioremediation to stimulate anaerobic degradation of hydrocarbons in groundwater under sulfate-limiting conditions PROBLEM A former gas station in North Carolina contaminated groundwater with [...]


Permeable Reactive Barriers Treat TCE

Permeable Reactive Barrier to Treat Trichloroethene Plume This case study demonstrates the effective use of permeable reactive barrier (PRB) technology with EOS® emulsified oil substrate injections to cut off TCE migration for enhanced bioremediation. [...]

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